Central Station Monitoring

Why is Central Station Monitoring Important?

Central Station Monitoring is an electronic link from your home or business to a UL approved monitoring
office. This is accomplished by using either your standard phone line or a wireless cell device. Once an
alarm is triggered the dispatcher receives a coded signal from your alarm panel, at that moment the
dispatcher will act as you the customer has instructed. Central Station can monitor burglar alarms, fire
alarms, fire troubles, low temperature, high temperature, water levels, panic alarms, ambush alarms,
power failure and monitor your system's back up battery. All these signals can be  sent and processed in
about one minute.
Once Central Station has received your signal the process may vary depending on your predetermined
instructions. We can call the premise for a codeword or call the authorities, When the authorities have
been notified we then call the list of phone numbers you have provided,  your neighbor, friend or your cell
phone to advise you of the alarm activity.
Commercial Applications may require monitoring the Open and Close signals in order to keep track of
who is arming or who is disarming the system and at what time.
Central Station Monitoring may allow up to a
20% insurance discount on homeowners insurance see
your insurance provider for details.
Central Station Monitoring prices vary depending on applications. See our
"contact us" page to request
Central Station Monitoring price info.  
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